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In 1967, the 406thTransportion Company (Detachment),
along with the 161st Service Platoon
did an creditable job keeping the aircraft flight worthy.

The images on this page represent for the most part people from the 161st.
If anyone has any photos of the 406th shops (airframe, prop&rotor),
please allow me to copy.

Click on the image for a full-size view.

406tc_01.jpg (129237 bytes)406tc_02.jpg (52734 bytes)406tc_03.jpg (48969 bytes)406tc_04.jpg (49158 bytes)
406tc_05.jpg (51538 bytes)406tc_06.jpg (53866 bytes)406tc_07.jpg (48995 bytes)406tc_08.jpg (51921 bytes)


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