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   A Collection of Stories About the 161st


Classified Mission, RVN by Garland Lively  An incredible and well written story about our support missions with the 5th Special Forces, leading up to the Tet Offensive of 1968 and the siege of Kha Sanh.

George the Monkey  by Garland Lively  A company pet in 1967.

Night Time Loss of Pelican 955, a collection of eye-witness accounts of this ill-fated flare mission.

Short Stories about the 161st in the Stars & Stripes contributed by Les Hines.

Dave Engle, a collection of his observations.

Bruce Ruks, another store about George the Monkey

LST 912 History of the Navy LST that was grounded at Chu Lai and abandoned.

WANTED:  In June or July 1967, the 161st assisted in the capture of a North Vietnamese trawler carrying munitions to the south.  After trying to shoot it out the US Navy, Army gunships were called upon to assist in running the trawler aground.   We are therefore, seeking some first-hand knowledge about this incident.

WANTED:  On September 29, 1967, the 161st participated in landing elements of the 101st Airborne near a NVA Regimental headquarters.  One of our crewchiefs, Robert Douglas Anderson, was killed by .51 machine gun fire.  We have several personal recollections about this incident, but would like to hear from others and what they recalled.

John Hastings, his recollection of Sept 12 & 29, 1967 and Million Dollar Hill

Robert Mix tells about the time he took a direct bullet in his chest protector.

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