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Due to overlapping tours of duty, 
some pictures galleries will cover multiple years.
Sorry about that.  Better to just look at them all.



Stan Allen
Wayne Cone
Joe Glenn
Raymond Mecek
Mike Verdecchia

Lane AAF
Thomas Bobbitt
Rick Davis
Mike Quaintance
Larry Simpson
Jim West

14th Battalion Tour Book
Robert Anderson
Don Bunch
Chet Chetkauskus
Pete Christy
Thomas Cope
Micky Fucco
Dave Engle
John Hastings
Garland Lively
Dean Marx
Aubrey Jones-McNeal
Richard McBroom
Danny Millians
George Miskovitz
Robert C. Oakley
Robert Perea
Jeff Peecook
Tom Piecuch
Steven Shafer
Richard Ward
Ed 'Trip' Wilson

Bruce Bevans
Lance Carpenter
Ray Cusato
Kenny Fields
Jim O'Neil (449th Signal)
Paul Reeves with Chris Noel
Jim Stefancic
James Tuttle
William (Bill) Warren
Patrick Whelan
David Witkowski

406th Transportation Detachment

449th Signal Detachment

WOC Class Pictures

Most Wanted (looking for these people)

Maps of the Chu Lai AO

It's me!  People then and now

Huey Start-up
Huey Fly-by
Huey Fly-By



Do you have pictures from the 161st AHC you would be willing to share?  It does not matter if you have hard-copy prints, 35mm slides, or computer files?  Go to the Contact Us page for information on how to contact me.  If you have prints or slides, I can scan them and return them to you.

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