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The 161st Guidon is now in possession of the men of the 161st Aviation Company rather than in the home of some collector who has no connection to the 161st.

Ron Seabolt, the director of the 71st AHC Association, recently signed the 161st guest book.  The 71st was also at Chu Lai and part of the 14th Aviation Battalion, as was the 161st.  In his message, Ron stated that Chuck Carlock had seen a 161st Guidon for sale through a reseller of military relics.  I know both Ron and Chuck, and promptly called Carlock for more information about the guidon.

Chuck gave the name and phone number of the reseller, who lived in Alabama.   Unfortunately, I was informed by the reseller that it had already been sold to a collector.  The collector was a regular customer and would not mind if I called him about the Guidon. 

The collector, who lives in Illinois, was ex-military, but never served in Vietnam.   His description of the guidon seemed to confirm, at least, the likeness of the guidon in the photo of Sergeant-Major Oakley.   He was very understanding, when I told him, I was a former member of the 161st and was serving as its unofficial unit historian.  And, that we would be having a unit reunion next summer.  In the end, he said, the guidon belonged to us and offered to sell it to me for what he paid for it, a couple of hundred bucks.

John H. Hastings (817) 923-2561 at home or (817) 252-8269 at work.
email: john.hastings@sbcglobal.net

161guidon_Cole67BW.jpg (101499 bytes) In 1967, Kenneth Cole served as the Guidon bearer during the memorial service for Robert Anderson.

Kenneth has graciously shared his photo to give some authenticity that this is the original 161st guidon.

161_Guidon_Framed.jpg (13198 bytes) This is the 161st guidon in 1998, temporarily mounted for this photograph.


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