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We presently have over 600 names of individuals who once served with the 161st AHC, the 406th TC, or the 449th Signal Detachment.  However, only about 300 of these men have been located and, at least, have an address or phone number.  The remainder are just names from company rosters or individual military orders. 

The following individuals are on the most wanted list, because several people have expressed an interest in locating them.

If anyone can provide any information about the following men, please contact John Hastings at the phone numbers or e-mail addresses listed at the bottom of this page.

Tuttle_SpankyLopez.JPG (102259 bytes) "Spanky" Lopez was a gunner from the 1967-68 era and a number of people have asked about him.  Many recall him being from the Chicago area.
Aubrey_Jones.jpg (9343 bytes) AUBREY JONES is from the 1967 era.  When he came to the 161st from the 101st Airborne Division, Aubrey was on his 2nd tour of duty in Vietnam.  In 1965-66, he deployed with the 129th AHC from Fort Campbell, KY.  Today, Aubrey McNeil (he changed his last name from Jones to McNeil) in the Chicago area and operates a successful Chauffeur/limousine service.
Robert_Mix.jpg (12860 bytes) Robert Mix is also from the 1967 era.  In the spring of 1967, he took a direct hit in the chest, but his chest protector saved his life.  The chest protector was displayed in the Operations Shack as a reminder to the pilots to use their chicken plates.

On Sept 29, 1967, he was the crewchief on Pelican 836 when it was hit by an NVA mortar during the 101st ABN shoot-em up.

In the 1968, after the unit moved back to Ky Ha, Robert Mix and Edgar Magaha transferred to the 1st Cavalry Division.

jackson_kenneth.jpg (9633 bytes) Kenneth Jackson was a Warrant Officer pilot, who also served as commander of the 449th Signal Detachment.  He was also known as the company 'scrounger'. 

Where is He?

John H. Hastings (817) 923-2561 at home or
(817) 252-8269 at work.
email: john.hastings@sbcglobal.net

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