Jim O'Neil arrived to the 449th Signal Detactment in January, 1968. He worked in the Avionics Shop and flew door gunner on several occassions. Jim retired from the US Post Office where he was an electronis technician for 32 years. He and his wife now live in southern Virginia. Both are avid trail runners and have run several 100 mile trail races."

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(01)  Behind the avionics shop. Those kneeling - Unknown.  Standing - Steve Foster, Jim O'Neil, Marty Lawson, Gary Bassett, James Rhodes. Back - Tommy Knight, Unknown (02)  EM Club:  Unknown, Kypta, Mike Paulsen, Gary Bassett, Aldrich, Barry Bomberg (03)  In Ky Ha Village:  Marty Lawson, Unknown, Jim O'Neil (04)  Back: Jim O'Neil, Kypta.  Standing:  Gary Bassett.  Front: James Rhodes (05)  Back:  Marty Lawson, Kypta.  Standing:  Jim O'Neil.  Front:  James Rhodes (06)  Gary Bassett, Aldrich (07)  Unknown working on a jeep in front of avionics shop, motor pool in the background. (08)  Hootch maid hard at work. (09)  Unknown, Jim O誰eil, Aldrich (10)  Marty Lawson, Mike Paulsen (11)  Barry Bomberg, Dave Porter, unknown, Jim O誰eil (12)  Barry Bomberg, unknown, Jim O誰eil, Gary Bassett, unknown, Aldrich

If anyone can identify anyone in these images, please send them to me (John Hastings) referencing this gallery and the image number, which is found below each enlarged image.

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