Images on this page are from the personal collection of John Hastings, Pelican 839 crew chief in 1967-68.

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John Hastings and Dwane Connell standing beside one our Huey's repainted with the AMERICAL division name on the door. This is Robert Speight, who was trained as a helicopter mechanic, but flew as the door gunner on Pelican 839. I found Robert to be alive and stilling kicking in Seaford, Delaware. This is John Foster, another of my door gunners in 1968.  John and his wife live in Altamonte Springs, Florida and is retired from the telelphone company This is Pelican 839 weathered in on remote firebase.  Pete France, one of the many skilled young pilots, flew to this location. During the flight, at times, we were flying through the clouds and could not see a thing.  Mr France really showed his stuff on this day. James Lawrence Hoznor was the crewchief on Pelican 840 in 1967-68.  James presently lives in New London, CT and owns a welding and crane service company. In the latter part of 1967, Clark Wilson was the crew chief on Pelican 838, who went over the Scorpion Gunship Platoon.  Clark now lives near Charlotte, NC. This is AMERICAL-6, the aircraft used General Koster, Division Commander.  You might notice the creature comforts, such as the thick seat cushions in the cargo/passenger area.   This gentleman is Sgt. Dickerson, the gunner for this aircraft.  The crewchief was Bill Lucas and the aircraft commander was Mr. Mark How. This is only final approach into the Ky Ha heliport in early 1968, located at the northern portion of the Chu Lai Combat Base.  It was the home of the 123rd Aviation Battalion, AMERICAL Division. In 1968, this was the maintenance area for the 123rd Aviation Battalion based at Ky Ha

If anyone can identify anyone in these images, please send them to me (John Hastings) referencing this gallery and the image number, which is found below each enlarged image.

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