Miscellaneous images from the 161st

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This is the Chapel at Lane AAF.  Ken Messick, a Pelican pilot,  I think had a background in its design and directed its construction by personnel from the 161st AHC. This is a 1968 photo of Lane AAF and shows the chapel built by the 161st.  This image was obtained this photo from the 128th AHC, who moved into our old company area after we moved north to Chu Lai Charles McLaughlin was door gunner, who started his tour of duty in 1966.  Delivery of a precious cargo of Pepsi and ...uh Hamms beer.  I believe the pilot in the background  is Michael Manning... can anyone confirm?

If anyone can identify anyone in these images, please send them to me (John Hastings) referencing this gallery and the image number, which is found below each enlarged image.

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