The photos on this page were contributed by Stan Allen, who shipped over on the General John Pope as part of the 449th Signal Detachment (Avionics) and the original deployment of the 161st AHC.

The 449th Signal Detachment had been at the Atlanta Army Depot during 1964-65. While stationed there, the 449th serviced many of the Hueys from Fort Rucker.

Now days, Stan and his wife Margaret make their home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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This photo gallery is still under construction

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(S01) Stan Allen, present day in the New Mexico mountians (6019) 449th Signal Detachment Parade at the Atlanta Army Depot after receiving orders for assignment to the 161st at Fort Benning and eventual deployment to Vietnam.  Stan Allen is the gidon barrer. (5012) General John Pope, Troop Ship. (5001) Stan Allen, another day on deck of the John Pope. (5002) General John Pope, Sleeping Quarters, SP4 Steve Wall. (5004) Arriving in Vietnam, Landing Craft Approaching (5008) PFC Ronald Lawrence, Company barber and SP4 Steve Wall. (5014) Camp Lane, 449th Signal and 406th TC work tents (5015) Camp Lane: Control Tower, Movie Theater and Quarters. (5017) Camp Lane: Soon to be Vehicle Maintenance Area. (5022) 449th Signal Detachment, Complete with Sign and SSGT Anderson, Section Chief (5023) SP5 Stan Allen, PFC Hal Forward and SP4 Steve Wall... Another Great Meal


If anyone can identify anyone in these images, please send them to me (John Hastings) referencing this gallery and the image number, which is found below each enlarged image.

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