Images on this page are contributed by Steven Shafer. Steven worked in the 161st Service Platoon during the 1967 era.

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(001) Flight Line at the Ky Ha complex. (002) Bobby Reese and Charles Foster. (003) Bobby Reese (004) SFC Danzel Marcantel, 2nd Flight Platoon (005) Bobby Reese (006) Gilbert Priest and Charles Foster in the back row; still need a name for the front person. (007) Steven Shafer, March 23, 1968, first day home from Vietnam (008) Steven Shafer (009) Steven Shafer and Doug Zimmerman (010) George Miskovitz (011) Bob Hope Show in 1967 at Chu Lai (012) Wreckage from Pelican 955, crashed into the sea on November 29, 1967

If anyone can identify anyone in these images, please send them to me (John Hastings) referencing this gallery and the image number, which is found below each enlarged image.

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