Photographs on this page were contributed by Thomas Cope of Georgia. Tom is from the 1967 era and one of the unheralded men from the maintenance section. Tom and his crew of mechanics gave me a sense of comfort, at least knowing my ship was airworthy.

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Tom's maintenance team.  (L-R) This may be Stephen Freeman, Tom Cope, Lewis Bader, Howard Clayburn. Kneeling:  Gary Geisinger.  Stephen Freeman would die in November, 1967 in the crash of Pelican 955 Relaxing in the hooch.  The only names we know are Fultz and Tom Cope, back row (left). Some of wreckage from 955, that crashed into the sea in November, 1967.  Killed were Gerald Latini, Daniel Steele, Clearance Tiffany and Stephen Freeman. Pelicans Roost when we first moved from Ky Ha on the northern end of Chu Lia to the southern end of Chu Lai.   We lived in these tents for a couple of months until the standard Vietnam hooches were constructed.  The sand was in everything. Tom thought this hooch was where Stephen Mueller was killed by a mortar round.  I don't think so... this looks more like one of the hooches along the flight line.  I recall the Tech Supply hooch took a direct hit by a NVA 122mm rocket, but it was more damaged than this hooch.   Therefore, the cloud formation in the distance may indicate this was the result of the typhoon that came in the Chu Lai area.


If anyone can identify anyone in these images, please send them to me (John Hastings) referencing this gallery and the image number, which is found below each enlarged image.

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