The Photos on this Page have been contributed by Mike Quaintance, a Warrant Officer pilot"
who began his tour of duty in 1966 at Lane AAF.

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Mike Quaintance at Lane AAF

161_MikeQ_Washing.jpg (76985 bytes)
Mike Quaintance and another Pelican pilot by the name of Joe Chitwood. 161_MikeQ_Chitwood.jpg (68883 bytes)
One of our Pelican door gunners.
Can anyone place a name with this fellow?
161_MikeQ_DG.jpg (54204 bytes)
This is what happens when the main rotor blade flexes downward into the tail boom.
This happened at Duc Pho when a Chinook over flew us as Pelican 839 was shutting down.
161_MikeQ_839Tail.jpg (40057 bytes)
"Shark" gunship from the 174th AHC, 14th AHB at Duc Pho. 161_MikeQ_Shark.jpg (67375 bytes)
Warrant Officer Michael Quaintance at Lane Army Airfield, the first duty station of the 161st Aviation Company. 161MQuintance.jpg (48689 bytes)


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