Photographs on this page were contributed by James West, a former Pelican pilot during the 1966-67 era.

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161JWestThen_small.jpg (2164 bytes) Jim West as he looked then.
161JWestNow.jpg (6160 bytes) Jim, a couple of years ago.
west_01.jpg (30899 bytes) Pelican Pilots
Front:  Ed (Trip) Wilson; the man in the middle may be the company supply officer; Marston Hose.
In the aircraft:  Another unnamed pilot and Darrell Wright.
west_02.jpg (44334 bytes) Building a shower:
An unknown and Wallace Poteet; Danny Millian's leg can be seen between these two.
Scott Baker is out front working on the water tanks.
west_03.jpg (17928 bytes) Richard Wilson of Valrico, Florida, WOC classmate of Jim West

Darrell (C.D.) Wright in the back.

west_04.jpg (31847 bytes)
west_05.jpg (39648 bytes) Can anyone ID these men?
west_06.jpg (32425 bytes) James West
west_07.jpg (21440 bytes) Door Gunner

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