The photos on this page were contributed by
Micky Fouco from the Cape Code Area

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Micky Fouco micky014_fouco.jpg
Micky Fouco and Ed Haser,
one of the Maintenance Team Leaders.
micky004_Fouco_Haser.jpg (77024 bytes)
One of our Scorpion Gunships at the Maintenance Pad, Looking south from the Maintenance area. micky012_maint003_gunship.jpg (69061 bytes)micky019_maint_gunship.jpg (167490 bytes)
The guard tower marks the southern perimeter of the Chu Lai Combat Base. micky042_maint_tower.JPG (97568 bytes)
I think these are some of the First Flight Platoon enlisted crew members.  The faces look familiar, but I can not put a name with any of them.  Micky Fouco is center back row, holding the bottle of Seagrams-7. micky041_fouco_group.jpg (87557 bytes)
Some of the 2nd Flight Platoon EM crew getting some time off at the beach and some sun on our pale bodies.

L-R: John Hastings (CE 839) Micky Fouco, Robert Mix (CE 836), Bennett.  Kenneth Miller in the back was gunner.

micky001_beach.jpg (131342 bytes)
John Hastings, CE 839, with his tail rotor after the September 12, 1967 incident, where his ship got shot up.

Notice the bullet strike on the leading edge of the T/R.

Micky003_Hastings_TR.JPG (93399 bytes)


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