The photos on this page were contributed by
Dave Engle, a Pelican Crewchief, now living in Boise, Idaho.

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Home Sweet Home
1st Flight Platoon
Untitled-2 copy.JPG (172007 bytes)
Dave Engle in the fall of 1967
somewhere near Khe Sahn.
Untitled-3 copy.JPG (40373 bytes)
Kham Duc, a Special Forces Base Untitled-4 copy.JPG (31180 bytes)
1st platoon L to R Greg Hooper, Dave Engle, Larry Kenney, John Kolstad, and the profile of Danny Hill (he was one of the two people that got busted for setting fire to the first sergeants jeep). Untitled-5 copy.JPG (23655 bytes)
One of our ships. Untitled-6 copy.JPG (21142 bytes)


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