Chet Chetkaukus of Phoenix contributed this aerial photo of Pelicans Roost.  Chet worked in the Company HQ Section as the company clerk.

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Chet_161aerial.jpg (78121 bytes) The full-size image is quite large, so you will have to scroll up and down, and left and right to see everything.
406tc_11_small.jpg (1880 bytes) HQ Company Clerks
Chet_1st_Solo.jpg (58893 bytes)

This is my first solo in our plane was about 4 years ago.  I have since of course recd my wings and am a private GA pilot....I was so very proud to have earned them, I have been an "aviator" in my heart for all the years I can remember and about 4 years ago, my wonderful partner of 37 years gifted me an intro ride and my first flight lesson as a Christmas present.  I am now finishing up my instrument rating, will go on to get my commercial and multi engine ratings...I just love it....I try and fly at least 1x per week.

Chet_Grand Giant Sahuaro.jpg (60896 bytes)

We have some gorgeous Arizona desert property just northwest of metro Phoenix...this is my favorite cactus "big daddy" I'm standing next to.

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