Photographs on this page were contributed by James Stefancic from Monrovia, Maryland,  a young Warrant Officer, who joined the company in January of 1968.

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This is James Stefancic with his gear ready for our relocation from the south end of Chu Lai to the Ky Ha Heliport on the northern end of Chu Lai.

161StefanicMoving to KyHa.jpg (128613 bytes) 161Stefanic_At the Buddhist Temple Gate Marble Mountain.jpg (177082 bytes)

161Stefanic_Treeman of Marble Mountain.jpg (159653 bytes)

This year, 1999, Jim Stefancic returned to Vietnam, visiting the areas around the Chu Lai, DaNang area.   The images in this column are from his trip.
This is a view of our area on the beach south of Chu Lai.
The metal pallets were used for walkways and very slippery when wet, so one had to watch their step.
161StefanicBefore KyHa.jpg (115783 bytes) 161Stefanic_TamKy District Hqs.jpg (35398 bytes)

161Stefanic_TamKy Outside District Hqs 3.jpg (23510 bytes)

Tam Ky, sure looks a lot cleaner than I remember.  I think there was refueling point from about where this picture was taken.

The lower picture is outside the District Headquarters.

These two pilots, I think, are CW2 Harry Riddle and
WO1 John James
161StefanicTwo WOs.jpg (70379 bytes)  

161Stefanic_TamKy Ancient Temple.jpg (100928 bytes)

161Stefanic_TamKy Cemetary.jpg (99960 bytes)

The upper image is also from Tam Ky.

The lower picture, is where Jim thinks he crashed Pelican 839 in February of 1968.

One of the hooch parties.
The guy on the left is a Navy Supply Officer.
The unit developed some very nice supply contacts with the Navy depot at Ky Ha ...

All they wanted was an occasional free Huey ride.
Mike Kerl is on the right. 
161StefanicHooch Party.jpg (96943 bytes) 161Stefanic_LZ Baldy West From HWY1.jpg (18325 bytes)

161Stefanic_Lotus and Rice Fields.jpg (18887 bytes)


The upper picture is looking west towards LZ Baldy.

Lotus fields in the lower image.

North of Tam Ky was an ancient temple that was overgrown and deteriorating.  A little further up the road from here is where Pelican 839 went down. 161StefanicTamKy relic.jpg (117035 bytes) 161Stefanic_China Beach RVN.jpg (111450 bytes) China Beach at Da Nang.

Looks like an image from a travel brochure.

This is from some long forgotten Special Forces camp...
it may be Kham Duc
161StefanicSF Camp.jpg (85083 bytes) 161Stefanic_Vietnamese American Girl.jpg (86083 bytes) Vietnamese-American

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