Photographs on this page were contributed by Langdon Carpenter, aka "Lance" was a young Warrant Officer, who joined the company in October 1967.

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Langdon was one of the Slick pilots who rotated up to Khae Sanh supporting 'Special' missions for the Special Forces. Langdon_Khe Sanh '67.JPG (18625 bytes)
Sometime in 1968 after the Tet Offensive
The Train Yard in Hue
Langdon_Hue_TrainYard..JPG (30170 bytes)
This year, 1999, he traveled back to Vietnam with some friends.  Langdon, second from right, in front of the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi. Langdon_Ho_Museum.JPG (34319 bytes)

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