Photographs on this page were contributed by Pat Whelan, one of the Military Policeman that were reassigned as door gunners in January of 1968.
Today, Pat and his wife live in Theills, New York.

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 Whelan_Pat Sitting in Chopper.jpg (181537 bytes)Whelan_Pat with Friend on Bunk.jpg (133555 bytes)Whelan_Chopper Pilot.jpg (154633 bytes)
Whelan_Pat with 3 Guys and their Script.jpg (141516 bytes)Whelan_Pat with Friend at Chopper.jpg (94195 bytes)Whelan_Chopper Towing Chopper.jpg (24277 bytes)
Whelan_Zoned Area.jpg (107739 bytes)Whelan_Party of 3.jpg (150955 bytes)Whelan_Party Time.jpg (237182 bytes)
Whelan_Beach from Air.jpg (185546 bytes)Whelan_Barracks.jpg (181260 bytes)Whelan_Choppers on ground.jpg (159586 bytes)Whelan_Port from Air.jpg (155306 bytes)
Whelan_Delta from Air.jpg (143973 bytes)Whelan_Airport.jpg (144976 bytes)Whelan_Plane landing at Airport.jpg (152089 bytes)Whelan_US1 from Air.jpg (156237 bytes)
Whelan_Interview.jpg (152948 bytes)Whelan_POW Camp from Air.jpg (146768 bytes)Whelan_Through Gun Sight.jpg (62372 bytes)Whelan_Village on Fire.jpg (153397 bytes)


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