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The 1998 Reunion for alumni of the 161st AHC was on June 27, 1998 during the VHCMA reunion in Irving, Texas.  Those that attended, I can say, had a good time, seeing some of the guys for the first time since Vietnam.  Out of approximately 125 invitation sent, we had only 11 folks who actually showed up.  I saw a few more the following weekend during the VHPA reunion in Fort Worth. 

Come on guys, I think we can do better than this.  So next year, we will try again in conjunction with the VHCMA reunion in Denver, Colorado during the last week in June 1999.

John H. Hastings (817) 923-2561 at home or (817) 252-8269 at work.
email: john.hastings@sbcglobal.net

The group photo at the VHCMA/161st Reunion at Fort Worth/Dallas, Texas
Front Row (L-R)  John Hastings, Tom Hooker,  Danzel Marcantel,
Wallace Poteete, Ron Crislip
Back Row:  Ed Haser,  Denis Kitner,  Warren Risner,  Walter Bergmann.
161_98Reunion_Group01.jpg (57131 bytes)

Ron Crislip, John Hastings, Ed Haser

161_98Reunion_Group02.jpg (74472 bytes)
(L-R)  Walter Bergman,  John Hastings,  Warren Risner,  Tom Hooker, Denis Kitner,  Ed Haser,  Danzel Marcantel. 161_98Reunion_Group03.jpg (72831 bytes)
Tom Hooker and Danzel Marcantel  were flying on Robert Anderson's ship when Anderson was killed on September 29, 1967 at "Million Dollar" Hill. 161_98Reunion_Group04.jpg (87394 bytes)
Former Scorpion door gunner James Bernard and his granddaughter Norma.
Being a good granddad, James took Norma to Six Flags Over Texas during their visit from Missouri.
161_98Reunion_Bernard.jpg (56286 bytes)
At the VHPA reunion in Fort Worth.
John Hastings,  Wallace Poteete,  Sharon Millians,  Dan Millians
161_98Reunion_Group05.jpg (56801 bytes)
VHPA Reunion:  John Hastings (Crewchief on 839),   Langdon Carpenter. 161_98Reunion_Langdon02.jpg (39878 bytes)161_98Reunion_Langdon01.jpg (49185 bytes)

While driving around the area, I spotted this road sign.

161_98Reunion_Hwy161.jpg (54867 bytes)

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