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The 1995 Reunion for alumni of the 161st AHC was on June 26, 1999 during the VHCMA reunion in Denver, Colorado.  Those that attended, I can say, had a good time, seeing some of the guys for the first time since Vietnam.  Out of approximately 125 invitation sent, we had only 11 folks who actually showed up. 

Don Bunch, Dan Millians, Wallace Poteete,
Mikey Fuoco, and Ed Haser.

1998_Pic01.jpg (50936 bytes)

Mikey Fouco and Ed Haser were the best of friends back in 'Nam.  This is their first meeting since 1967.

1999_Pic03.jpg (17995 bytes)1999_Pic02a.jpg (130910 bytes)

Captain Robert Hooker and his wife Susan,
and their two granddaughters.

1999_Pic04.jpg (19508 bytes)

Back Row:  Mike Verdecchia (170th AHC), Wallace Poteete, Tom Bobbitt, Tom Hooker,
Dan Millians, Don and  Mary Lou Bunch,
Janice and Ron Crislip.
Front Row: Mikey Fouco, John Hastings, Susan Hooker and their two granddaughters, Ed Haser.

1999_Pic05.jpg (14141 bytes)

Fouco_1999reunion_02.jpg (22021 bytes)

Mikey Fouco and John Hastings

1999_Pic06.jpg (20779 bytes)

Warren Risner of N. Little Rock, Arkansas.
His Pelican patch is from A/123rd AHB.

1999_Pic07.jpg (17652 bytes)

Don Bunch, John Hastings, Wallace Poteete,
Dan Millians, Ed Haser.

Fouco_1999reunion_08.jpg (22465 bytes)

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