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I'm truly grateful for the turnout at the past 161st reunion in Charlotte, North Carolina.  If I counted correctly, I believe there were a total of 24 former members and spouses, family and friends.  Thank you all for attending and for those who did not make it... perhaps we can meet at the next reunion.

The following people attended.
If I have overlooked someone, let me know.

Ron and Janice Crislip
Philip Crouse
Joel and Judy Glenn
Denis Kitner and his niece Jennifer
Don and Jean Smith

Allan Bernard
Pete Christy and brother Jack and friend (?)
Ed Haser
John Hastings
Joseph Haymore
Thomas Hooker
Larry and Cookie Kenny
George Miskovitz
George Morris and wife
Warren Risner

Raymond Cusato
James and Susan Tuttle
Patrick Whelan

Hi guys, I would like to tell you that the 2000 reunion was great. I would love to see everyone pull together and try to find more brothers to go to the 2001 reunion. You all remember how we had to trust our fellow crewmembers with our lives. We worked as a team, each of us, the ac, pilot, doorgunner and crewchief made the difference between life and death. Come on guys lets find our missing brothers and have the biggest reunion yet in 2001. John I want to thank you for keeping the 161 assault helicopter company alive. A friend always Larry Kenney Crewchief of Pelican 64-830

I had announced in earlier correspondence that I would take a break from hosting another reunion for a couple of years.  However, with this favorable turnout, I'm considering doing it again next year, again in conjunction with the VHCMA reunion, which will be in Louisville, Kentucky.  Still centrally located and close enough to the eastern states where most 161st alumni are residing.  In the year 2002, the VHCMA reunion will be in either Salt Lake City or San Diego.

The dates for the VHCMA reunion will be June 19-23, 2001, with the 161st gathering being the Friday and Saturday of this period.

If you are a 161st alumni and did not get a Reunion Mail-out, please contact me, so I can get your name and address on the mailing list.

John H. Hastings (817) 923-2561 at home or (817) 252-8269 at work.
email: john.hastings@sbcglobal.net   or  jhhastings@pier1.com

The following are just some of the photos taken at the reunion.

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2000reunion_06.jpg (51220 bytes)2000reunion_07.jpg (34402 bytes)2000reunion_08.jpg (42391 bytes)2000reunion_11.jpg (41292 bytes)

2000reunion_09.jpg (43059 bytes)2000reunion_10.jpg (37207 bytes)

2000reunion_12.jpg (88438 bytes)

Kenny_01_MsOliver.jpg (38318 bytes)Kenny_02_MsOliver.jpg (28550 bytes)


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