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When: June 22-23, 2001

Where: Louisville, Kentucky

Holiday Inn Downtown
20 West Broadway
Louisville, KY  40202

Our almost annual reunion was convened in Louisville Kentucky on the June 22-23 along with several hundred other helicopter veterans attending the VHCMA reunion.  As at every reunion, of course, most of our time (and the best time) was spent in our hospitality suite, sharing photos, viewpoints, stories, and friendship with fellow Veterans.

There was a special reunion for the 1st Platoon.  Pete Christy, Larry Kenney and Steve Hallmark vowed in 1968, they would see each other again after they left Vietnam.  Pete and Larry were united last year in Charlotte.  And this year, we located Steve living less than a hundred miles from Pete in Lodi, California, and both of them traveled together to meet up again with Larry.  Welcome home Steve.

Other first timers for our reunion were David Engle (Boise, ID), Bill Lucas (Lafayette, IN), Don Long (Murphy, NC), and Jeff Peecook (Wadsworth, OH).

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