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When: June 21, 2003

Where: Atlanta, Georgia

The last reunion of the 161st Aviation Company will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 21, 2003.  

Again, this reunion was hosted in conjunction with the Vietnam Helicopter Crew Member Association (VHCMA), whose reunion dates were June 18-22nd.   I did this because of the tremendous logistic support I get from this group. The VHCMA is primarily an organization of enlisted crewmembers, but everyone was welcomed in that we all served with honor in the helicopter war. 

I would like to take a few moments to reflect on this reunion in Atlanta.  First, I need to thank all of you who both wrote, sent pictures and those of you who called me. I was truly heart warmed with all of the glowing comments and words of appreciation.  I really appreciated this very much.  Remember that the reunions are for everyone and that when more people can participate it only helps to make it that much more enjoyable.

Our membership includes anyone who served in the 161st AHC and the 406th TC: pilots, aircrew, maintenance, operations, clerks, cooks ... everyone ... two-year draftees, three-year volunteers, professional soldiers.

We shared common experiences during the war and while the debate of that war will continue beyond our lives, let us remember our common bond. The reunions serve to bring us together again in friendship and the spirit in which we served. By and large, people who have made it to past reunions, tell me that reunions are quite rewarding and worth the trip.  

It will be such a pleasure to meet again and renew friendships that had long since faded.


Atlanta Airport Marriott Hotel
4711 Best Road
College Park, Georgia  30337

(404) 766-7900        Marriott Reservations (800) 228-9290

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What to Bring:  A willingness to have a good time and let you inhibitions down.   There will be none of that Enlisted and Officer thing… that’s all behind us and all are treated equally.

Any pictures, memorabilia, stories to share with others.

The 161st Guidon has been located and was on display.

A genuine Huey tail rotor assembly was autographed by any first-time attendees from the 161st AHC.

Just being together, in the company of brave men, is a special experience, which is why the Reunion has become the priority trip next summer for many of us.


The following former Pelicans and Scorpions were present for the Morning Report.

James and Tricia Holt  first-timer
Kenney Fields and son Darrell   first-timer
Paul Reeves   first-timer
Rea Jackson   first-timer
Hugh Thompson   first-timer
Larry Colburn   first-timer
Dale Moss  first-timer
Pete Christy
Tom  and Susan Hooker
Don and Jean Smith
Pat Whelan
Ray Cusato
Jim and Susan Tuttle
Larry Kenney and sons Michael and Matthew
George Miskovitz
Ron and Janice Crislip


John H. Hastings (817) 923-2561 at home or (817) 252-8269 at work.
john.hastings@sbcglobal.net   or  jhhastings@pier1.com

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