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John H. Hastings - CE - Pelican 839
John, his bride Lois and Sabrina

Warren_Bill_Today_01.JPG (67961 bytes)
In the image on the left is Bill Warren from the 1968 era.  
As of 2005 for the last couple of years, Bill has been working in Iraq as a civilian communications contractor.
2004_PatRayPaul.JPG (99784 bytes)
Left image from 1968: 2nd from left is Pat Whelen, Paul Shanklin, then John Foster.
Right image from 2004:  Pat Whelen, Ray Cusato and Paul Shanklin
BBevens_00.jpg (57288 bytes) BBeavens_2004.JPG (72387 bytes)
Bruce Bevens was a Warrant Officer pilot in 1967-68, currently living in California.
Ed (Trip) Wilson in 1968. Ed (Trip) Wilson at his home in Illinois (2004)
Ed 'Trip' Wilson was Warrant Officer Pilot in 1966-67.  A very nice guy, who I had a chance to visit at his home in West Liberty, Illinois prior to the 2004 Reunion.
CompHQ_06_supply.JPG (48464 bytes)161guidon_Cole67BW_small.jpg (1546 bytes) KenCole_2002_01.jpg (97980 bytes)KenCole_2002_02.jpg (82855 bytes)
Kenneth Cole is from the 1967-68 era and worked in the Supply Section; and served as the guidon bearer at the memorial service for Robert Anderson.  
Today, Ken lives in Coudersport, Pennsylvania.
CompHQ_03_clerks.JPG (56902 bytes) Chet Lyn Aug01orig.jpg (63486 bytes)
Chet Chetkauskus is from the 1967-68 era and worked in the Company Headquarters section.  In the picture to the left, Chet is standing front and center.
Today, Chet and his wife Lyn live in Phoenix
WO James R West, one of our 2nd platoon Pelican pilots.
Presently lives with his wife in Germany.
Captain Robert Thomas Hooker and SP4 John Hastings at the 1997 VHCMA Reunion in Richmond, Virginia 161HookerHastings.jpg (64521 bytes)
In 1993, a few of us got together in Louisville, Kentucky for a 14th Battalion Reunion.

L-R: John Hastings, Donald Long, James Bernard.  Kneeling: Sam Kaligan.

161photo_001.jpg (38900 bytes)

Capt Long

161_MikeQ_Now.jpg (17968 bytes)
WO Michael and Florence Quaintance.
Mike was one of our 2nd Platoon Pelican pilots.
123_CaustoThen.jpg (15670 bytes) 123_Causto1988.jpg (23794 bytes)
Raymond Cusato joined the company in January, 1968,
just prior to the company moving from Pelicans Roost back to Ky Ha.
Raymond and his family now live in Queens, New York.
micky004_Fouco_Haser_small.jpg (2436 bytes) 1999_Pic02a.jpg (130910 bytes)
Back in 1967, the photo on left is Micky Fouco and Ed Haser.
On the right is the 1999 Denver Reunion, where Ed and Micky met each other for the first time since 1967.

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John H. Hastings
2323 Harrison Avenue
Fort Worth, Texas  76110-1109

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