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The following Class Pictures from various WOC classes at Fort Wolters, Texas, the first place where an individual finds out he has the 'right stuff' to become a Army Helicopter Pilot.

Some of the images are not the best quality.   Since I do not have a copy of any original pictures, I can not rescan them.

If anyone does not see their class listed and has a class photo, please allow me to scan and I will return to you. 

66-13 B1
Marston Hose
Kenneth Messick

66-15 A2
James West
Roger Old
Michael Quaintance

66-15 B2
Michael Knapp

66-19 A2
Scott Baker

66-19 A3
Gerald Latini

66-19 A4
Bobby Williams
Edward Wilson

66-21 A2
Dan Millians

66-19 B1
Michael Manning

66-21 B1
Steve Lotspeich

66-21 B2
William Carbaugh
Mark How
Tom Hunter

66-21 B3
Garland Lively
Kenneth Jackson

Wallace Poteet
Jeff Peecook

2nd Plt,
5th Company

Ed Stanhope

3rd Plt,
5th Company

Ty Carr

67-3 A2
Philip Found

67-7 B3
James Scarfone

67-9 A1
Jimmie Brown
William Chellis

67-9 A2
Peter France

67-9 B4
David Witkowski

67-11 B4
Cyrus Walker

67-13 A1
Langdon Carpenter

67-13 B3
Daniel Steele

67-17 B4
Michael Kerl
Lester Koppe

67-19 B4
Frank Stefancic

68-17 B1
James Fazekas

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