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Robert Thomas Hooker

It is with sadness that I have to report the passing of Robert Thomas Hooker, aka, Tom or Captain Hooker.

His wife, Susan, informed me that Tom passed away on Sunday, November 21st. He had been in declining health for several years, but within the last month his health rapidly declined and his passing was quick and quite.

In 1967, Tom served in the 161st Aviation Company as commander of the 2nd Flight Platoon. At the time, I was the crew chief of Pelican 839 and had the dubious distinction of having Tom as my aircraft commander. As a young PFC, I was somewhat, maybe a lot, intimidated of Captain Hooker; but looking back he was a stern, but fair leader.

Some of my vivid experiences included Tom... such as the September 12, 1967 'shoot-um up' that included a medevac and later in the day, getting my Pelican 839 shot full of  holes.  Tom was also the aircraft commander when Robert Anderson was killed on September 29, 1967.

Since he began coming to our reunions, one could be assured of a good story, very opinionated about politics, but most of all, regarded as a friend.